Welcome to the

2017 - 2018 School Year!!


Call center hours are:
Monday through Friday
7 am - 4 pm


There are a number of methods to get your students route information.

WEB SITE Parent Portal of Infinite Campus Phone Call
* Route Information
* Route & Stop information based on address.
* Route Information

Pull up specific routing information for your child, if you know their student ID and birthdate.

This also provides route and stop information based on address.

To lookup an address is in the top left-hand side of the web page.

Additionally, route information for a student can be obtained using the interface located on the lower left-hand portion of the page. Enter the student's student ID number and birthdate to retrieve routing information.

If your student is ALREADY routed, this portal will show the routing information in the mailbox.

The Transportation Call Center can handle almost any question regarding student transportation.

If you are looking just for route information, it is highly suggested to try the web site or other options, due to high demand during the start of the new school year.

Additionally, there is a phone automated system which is able to provide basic routing information.

Call center hours are: 7a - 4p M-F

(702) 799-8100